All About Jobs and Hiring in Linux Land

"Most developer jobs require current knowledge of non-open software," said blogger Barbara Hudson, "but it's a safe bet to say that most jobs are not 'open' jobs. ... The most reliable way to get a job that uses open source exclusively is to create your own. The bad news is that, as in every previous recession, we're seeing a lot of this 'involuntary entrepreneurship.' The good news is that this time the tools are freely available."

Well it's been a busy month of October here in the Linux blogosphere, with no shortage of news to absorb, react to and fret about.

There's been the ongoing Windows 8 secure boot saga, of course -- which just last week gained the voice of the Free Software Foundation. There's also been the long-awaited arrival of Ubuntu 11.10 "Oneiric Ocelot," with all the associated angst about Unity and Linux desktops -- a matter that hasn't been helped any by word that Linux Mint is now developing a GNOME 3 edition of its own.

Then, too, there's been's plea for fundraising support -- followed immediately by assurance from the Apache Software Foundation that everything's A-OK.