A Jam-Packed, Reality-Augmenting Key to the Sky

SkyView uses the iPhone's compass and gyroscope, along with the camera, to reveal on an "augmented reality" screen that shows and identifies what's in the sky in the direction the camera is pointing. While SkyView works best at night when the stars are visible, the app will reveal what's above no matter what time of day, light or dark.
Even if you don't care about stars, planets, satellites and other celestial objects in the night sky, this point alone may sway you to take a look anyway: SkyView -- Explore the Universe, an app by Terminal Eleven LLC, has a solid five-star rating by users in the Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) App Store. Not 4 or 4.5. All those little stars are filled in with color. Nearly everyone who bought it (and bothered to rate it) gave it a five-star rating.

I don't see that very often at all, certainly not when there are over a 1,000 ratings.

And the five stars? They're well-deserved.

This augmented reality app, which lets you point your iPhone at the sky to see what's up there, is pretty freaking cool.